Sacrifice the Childrens (vokilled)

Slave of Satan | 24.11.2006 | Heavy Metal

A modern world living on borrowed time
Taking away from the future generations
It cannot be so evil, it ain't no crime
Leaving a dead husk of Earth behind

Sacrifice the children, in some god's name
You know you like it, you'll do it anyway
Don't look now, ain't nobody else to blame
Go along with the ignorant religious game

In every age of civilization it's the same
It's not your problem, sure it'll go away
Until life as you know it again collapses
Another dark age, another millenium elapses

Deny yourself the gift of reason and wisdom
Knowledge must be evil... so very uncomfortable
Has man evolved just to sacrifice the future?
Knowledge must be evil... so against fantasy

10.00   301 kuuntelua


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