Mystic Man

Slack Haddock | 03.04.2008 | Heavy Metal

Australialais-suomalais-USAlainen yhteistyöprojekti.

Music: Spiral aka Slack Haddock
Lead vocals and melodies/lyrics: leeevvii9
Additional vocals and melodies/lyrics: Spiral
Sound effects: cleanrug & BigB

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Kappaleen sanat

Chemical night, has taken my fight
now i feel numb and lifeless (numb and lifeless )
and realitys not in sight! (realitys not in sight!)

My mind is sick, I will not break,
And I'll guarantee, my true nature you'll see.

Cause i just cant control myself, (control myself)
and everything just seems unreal, (Unreal!)
I wonder if its you I'm talking to (Talking to me?)
And dont ya think that they can cut me a deal.
(You got that cut throat feel! )

Can you see my shadow,
Crawling on the wall,
Can you hear my screams,
underneath the floor.

I'm waiting for my turn,
you gotta set me free.
Together we'll burn,
Cause you're nothing... without... me.

Fire in the hole, I cant escape my soul,
They blur my vision, just enough to make it through,
Caught in between, I cant shake these dreams,
In my darkest hour and on the edge of sane.
Why cant i see the light? everythings turned to night
Im trapped and here to stay, Cant you help me through?
Cause im alone with two, telling me what to do,
never seems to stop, and god i hate what they say!

Some times i wonder if your really there, (Are you there? My mind...)
trapped in my mind, it's an endless despair! (endless despair)



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