Spell of Fog over the Eastern Sea

Skai | 12.10.2006 | Black Metal

Dreams that haunt my every night
May exist in this cold void of life
A shadow out of dreams
A shadow out of void
Loneliness, upon the grey shore
A spell of fog over the eastern sea
An autumnal wind chills my bones
The sky is black
The stars are dead
Trees sway behind me, iceclad
Dancing to the spell of the fog
My life, my grave is here
An escape from the sorrow
At the shore of the eastern sea
In the dark a cruel wind wails
Out of the endless sea, black
There shall be no dawn
To warm the corpse
There can be no spell
To release the heart
The spell of fog over the eastern sea
Over the islands of the dispossessed
In the dreams of the desperate
Until the cold dreamless sleep

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