I wanna have fun

Rocking Dreams | 01.05.2012 | Ramopunk

(2016 lyrics totally changed)
I wanna play, I wanna sing, I wanna dance, (I) want to have fun. Life's hard, life's hard, meanwhile, iwthf. RnR right now right here we wanna have fun (maryjanemagicplanedanceagain, wewannahavefun)
_Imagine, we're surfing hi, wave to wave, day n night, surfing in colrs, speed of sound, keep it up let's play around.
smoggy sky on the sea, dancing with some nice banshee, mermaids pixies come to me, dance here dance now happinesss free

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LET*S GO TO SURF Let's Go To Surf, Let's Go - To Surf, Let's Go To Surf Let's Take Off, Play With Te Waves, Tube Riding, Jump In The Air Hey Mister Beach Man It'll Be Fine Those Waves Overthere Are Also Mine I'll Do Respect This Natural Park I'll Just Take A Wave Among Dolphins And Sharks In The Sun Bye-Bye Beach Smoggy Blue Sky And Deep Blue Sea A Mermaid Is Whom I Wanna See But With All These Debris We May Meet Some Banshee oh-oooooo Well I Know Some Nice Mountains One Day We Can Go And Surf Downhill From There Now I Wanna Do Some Clean Water Sport Not To Be Stranded In Some Oily Port Let's Go To Surf, Let's Go - To Surf, Let's Go To Surf


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