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Disease in the Studio (2006)

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Desire, the fire, the painted string
Fear is the guide and the guide is king
Save it to the new world and live today
Insanity is here can't get away

Good men live further than anyone else
You may inspect the fact that you're not one of them
Aid all your sorrows and get amused
Forget about your girl now it's time for booze

Why can't I make you to die
Why can't I make you be mine

Oh sweet bottle, sweet bottle o' mine
Could you ever leave me could you tell me a lie
Never have you let, never let him down
You're eyes are getting burned take another round

God just a way, away from life
Kiss of a dragon in a stainted knife
Feel no nothing but best to her,
death to you and every fucking worm

Why can't I make you to die
Why can't I make you be mine

(soolot: olli,jukkis,olli,jukkis)


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seppo_taalasmaa 27.06.2007
Loistava biisi, alun stoneilut ja kertosäe kolmijakoisena iski.
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Half Apple 29.10.2006
Hyvät vaikutteet = Hyvä musiikki. Hyvin kulkee eteenpäin!
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ThrashPollution 31.08.2006
Stone kuului kitaroista ainakin alkupuolella. Laulajalla on mukava soundi laulussa, ehkä Lemmy kuuluu, ehkä ei, mut sehän silti olis vaan plussaa. Hienolta kuulostaa pojat!
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vjr1970 30.08.2006
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Hevision^ 04.06.2008
Why can't I make you to die.... :---D mahti kertsi :D
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