Sad Life Philosophy

REBELROCK | 19.07.2009 | Instrumental Rock

This is the fourth song out of U.M.T. album and I composed this for my friend's funeral who committed suicide back in 1997. His father found him all face blue and limb and dead in the morning from Harri's room, with hanging from his shirt on a door-handle.
You really should pay attention to the lyrics, sincfe I know for a fact that this song has saved many people from committing suicide.
This song was earlier here in Mikseri and was in over-all number #1 position on the charts for 8 consecutive weeks and entered chart heaven. (Oletusarvo, paina muokataksesi)

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Kappaleen sanat

It's raining outside
And I feel the same
They say that life’s a gift
But for me it's just a game

Another wakening
Another sleep
Another wasted day
I left behind me

In my early childhood
Everything just seemed so nice
But when you get older
Your dream just slowly dies

I just want to sleep away
I can't take another day

This sad life philosophy

Life lost its shining colors
All exciting painted grey
Line between the black and white
Gets finer every day

I just want to sleep away
I can't take another day
This sad life philosophy

"To sleep is a paradise for me
But after a wonderful dream I open my eyes
And the nightmare begins

Every step I take forward
Brings me two steps back
Deeper and deeper
Into the grey ocean of vanity

Oh God, lay your eyes on me
Your son is coming home
No grief or regrets
No questions asked, no reasons wondered

But always remember that you did nothing wrong

There's time for everything
To dry the tears, to look forward
And we'll meet again folks
In some other place, in some other way

I love you and you love me
And its significance will never fade away

Reasons to love me
Some to be scared
So many feelings on those
Moments that we shared

Please just forgive me all
I'd love to stay
But without the faith I fall
With despair I chose my way

I just want to sleep away
I can't take another day

This pain building inside of me

Strong walls in castle of misery

It's sad life philosophy

Inside of me


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uninen runoilija 13.11.2011
Loistava biisi! <3
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ikiZ 28.09.2011
upea kappale ! juuri tällaista rockin pitää olla ! kaunista, mikä jättää miettimään ! itsekkin olen säveltänyt omia biisejä tällaista balladia ! upeaa työtä ! 10 !
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