As Long As Stars Entice

Pop No Harm | 05.10.2022 | Pop

Sävel 2020, sanat 2022.


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Happy couples heads in the clouds
they've never walked a moment in my boots
they have had their ruby wedding
I have had my endless treading
and tripping on the lumpy roots.

A happy couple in a balloon
I have to climb a mountain for a view
their affection is the fire
warms the air and lifts up higher
I can barely see the ocean blue.

But I can dream as long as I have time
another tripper would find my plight
together to survive the final climb.
And I can dream as long as the stars entice
two lonely single wings would unite
to be a bird steering by its instinct
on its virgin flight.

A happy couple can navigate
the compass and the map connect their hearts
one knows trails, their intersections
and the other all directions
I am straying with no counterparts.

A happy couple looks at the sky
they read the constellations to sail far
from a shallow to another
they are beacons to each other
I can only wish upon a star.

But I can dream...


But I can dream...


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