Light Rock

Walking 09.09.2019


Poop likes to walk because it helps to forget worrying things.

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Light Rock

Annan hyttysten imeä 29.07.2019


Poop sums up his past summer with these words.

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Light Rock

Tie naisen sydämeen 22.05.2019


Poop, that pathetic loser, has never found a way into a woman's heart, not even close. This song handling the subject from 2016 is now here with a fretful interpretation by Poop.

English version available at SoundCloud:

It has received this kind of feedback:
Everything sits beautifully in my speakers and the sound is rich and full of clarity.
I particularly liked the intro. Well done on the lyrics and performance.
Great driving pop song, good melody and heartfelt singing
A GREAT pop sound! Great drive to it.
Nicely interesting...

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Paskalla Kalliossa 05.07.2019


Dregs from the year 2016, now coming out from Poop's mouth.

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Suru, ikävä ja masennus 02.02.2019


Extremely sad story of a day at Who Cares center.

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Kohtalo on nainen 23.03.2019


Also this insignificant Song made early this year. English version in SoundCloud:

Feedback from abroad:
A nice unique sound with an interesting chord progression
What a cool mashup of styles!
Loved satirical lyrics
A pleasant whimsical creation...
Your imagination has gone into overdrive in the creation of this work. You've mixed and matched some really diverse music genres, and it works!
Excellent lyrics, catchy tune. Loved the minor "ethnic" feel.
Very nice combination of tango and funk! The melody is very tango-like.

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Better Than Me 30.04.2019


This peep was made for pumping contest, but it didn't participate, because who would like to listen to Poop's tinkering with his doll? Or how the doll is better than genuine woman, it does not complain about man's physical or mental disabilities.

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Because Of You 03.01.2019


From the year 2017 this blues of the defender of enduring love, which Poop decided to sing to open his voice for the new year.

Already said on a foreign forum:

"The lyrics are intriguing showing the strong stance of love against all foes"
"A very good mix - crisp and clear"
"you did a great vocal"
"arrangement fully supported the dramatic intensity of the lyrics"

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Light Rock

Lohtupullo 05.11.2018


This song from the year 2017 poured out of Poop this time. If no other solace is available, a child or a senior can find it from a bottle.

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Viimeinen huuto 09.01.2019


Uudenvuodenaamun kieriskelyn tuloksena nopeasti syntynyt mielenahdistuksen purkautuma. Tallennettu livenä Lumixilla.

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Kelopuu 08.08.2018


Poop think his a hollow tree, maybe even the Tree Of Life - or what is left of it.


Winner of Mikseri's Black Sun 2018 song contest!!

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Joulumarssi 12.12.2018


Poop invites everybody to march in the rhythm of the idylic wonderful and carefree christmas consumption party propaganda.

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Lahjaton 19.12.2018


This song didn't catch the Christmas song contest, but that's good, thus this story about the lonely people's Christmas won't ruin the critics' Christmas.

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Elämän lahja 29.10.2017


Poop thinks that "More is more" is valid in both arrangements and Christmas presents. WIth this story he wants to remind that life, your own and of the whole solar system, is the most valuable and unique gift and you get it only once, so it's worthwhile to take care of it to the final moment. Latest mix added 30.11.2018.

Participated in the contest: Mikserin Joululaulu 2017 kilpailu

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Mielikuvitustyttöystävä 12.11.2018


The message of this song is probably that lively imagination has both good and bad aspects.

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Kun vaikutus lakkaa 29.10.2018


Woman is a drug that can not be withdrawn once you have tasted it mistakenly, says Poop in his song.

Participates in the Hittimikseri '18 contest.

English version at SoundCloud:
This has been said about the English version:
"very creative lyric choices, as well as the analogy. You are a champion of going into very unexpected topics for your songs!"
"A very impressive use of the funk style and some wonderful work on the horns."
"A cool vibe - overall sounds like Ian Dury & the Blockheads"
"this had a nice Per Gessle ring to...

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You Don't Serve Me Anymore 22.10.2018


A story about mug of life and the end of serving. More poor pronunciation and bad vocal range. (this song, as did the previous Say Goodbye To Love, took part in the song contest on the band-in-a-box forum, in which it was asked to use certain styles, therefore a relatively sparse arrangement).

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Say Goodbye To Love 06.10.2018


The song name and the related melodic part came in a dream, so some kind of a song around it had to be created. Poop can once again show case his clumsy English.

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Blues Rock

Kun käärme nostaa päätään 13.10.2018


The song about our inner snake awaken by small details now available as Poop-version

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Light Rock

Merkityksellinen 03.09.2018


Poop returns from the tree to everyday life with this insignificant squeak.

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Lintu 13.09.2018


This unburdening born in the therapy session of summer depression has been inspired by the saying "Woman is like a bird ......."

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Jazz Fusion

Kenen vuoksi 24.03.2018


Poop decided to make a song with only minor chords. Here is the agonizing result.

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Kesä ohi on 05.07.2018


In this song Poop yearns for the past summer, in vain.

Participates in Mikseri Kesäbiisi 2018 contest.

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Hard Rock

Never Dream Of Dying 27.04.2018


Poop's song for "James Bond 25 song contest". Unfortunately Ian Gillan was unavailable, so you have to settle for Poop Dillan's modest voice.

The lyrics got it's inspiration from a fairly recent scene in Bond movie, where, in the middle of bed fun, Bond's girl decides to go to the bank. Any other one would think that such a woman is a very suspicious, but 007 does not suspect anything,, of course. So he is not a real hero agent.

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Light Rock

Rakkauden rikkaruohot 04.06.2018


Poop says, that summer is good time to remove the alien species with all memories from the garden of life and start again in a clean landscape.

English version on soundcloud:

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Kaunis valhe 06.04.2018


To counterbalance the minor chord song, Poop made a song with only major chords. The message of the song: better to dream big ignorant and happy than to worry bitter.

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Breeze 01.03.2018


When the winter continues it is good to thankfully remember one warm breeze in the middle of coldness.

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Blow Me In The Wind 09.09.2017


More than an ambiguous song about the pleasures of life and the beauty of the world. This is year 2018 version with a new vocal track.

Participated in: Hippie Song Contest 2017

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Kiitoradalla 08.01.2018


During his career, Poop has had the honor to land on several landing strips. This is an ode to all of them.

Participates in Mikseri's OodiBiisiKilpailu.

9.5   7 218 plays

Myönnän että pierettää 19.03.2018


Poop's entry for Folia song contest. The subject is artistic freedom - to do whatever you want, despite the flower hat critics and the humorless perfection seekers. Folia rotation in verses, of course, with Poop type chord variations and in some places on third stroke some of own additions. In the chorus, to lick certain circles, Miles Davis Tune Up chord variation is used. And naturally, each verse is modulated upwards.

Inspired by: Human Trumpet (Kontakt Instrument AntiDrum Machine), Samuli Edelmann, Meri Werkkomäki, Samuli Laiho, Kummeli (

8.5   4 183 plays

Paatti liikkuu 24.02.2018


Poop's entry for "The Song of the Volga Boatmen" contest. Volga act here also as an allegory for the state history of Russia, as a memorial song for its enslaved and slain citizens..

Sävel: Trad
Sanat: Poop

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Elämän paradokseista 09.03.2018


Original version ( was made to Joanne Cooper's english lyrics, this is a free translation from it.

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Heavenly Pleasures 2018 30.01.2018


This time Poop has chosen to version early Syvis Mikseri classic with more than 1000 listenings, a dirty funk thumping.

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Skootterikin on moottoripyörä 25.01.2018


Poop warms up a (s)hit by Syvis from 2012, old farmer's answer to Mika Sundqvist with idiot proof logic: a vehicle with a motor and two wheels is a motorcycle.

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Song For You 30.12.2017


From Poop's dusty desk drawer popped the ringtone from the year 2000 and demanded that the song should be completed by the end of this year. Poop accepted the challenge and finally 4 years of work was completed by the required deadline. Well, maybe this should have been forgotten in the drawer...

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My Sweet Bunny 04.12.2017


This time Poop is in tender Hawaii mood.

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Pidän sua pinnalla 10.11.2017


Jazzy blues about drunken look.

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2017 19.10.2017


Introspective return single from Poop.

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Did You See It Coming 02.11.2017


A song written for the memory of a late childhood friend.

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Joulun paras lahja 23.11.2017


Poop went to studio with Leidi Kaka for this romantic christmas punk duet.

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