Heavenly Pleasures 2018

Poop Dilan | 30.01.2018 | Funk

Tällä kertaa Poop on valinnut versioinnin kohteekseen Syviksen alkuaikojen Mikseri menestyksen, yli tuhannen kuuntelun pikkutuhman funk jumputuksen.

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Kappaleen sanat

Come and take me to heaven in you
be my angel
show me what is right thing to do.
Let me explore your secrets once more
guide my fingers to places
they've never touched before.

Heavenly pleasures
joys so divine
loving an angel
completely mine.
The gates of paradise
no sins to hide
the road to your garden is
open and wide.
Intimately in Eden
no snakes around
the tree of life
I have finally found.

Please protect me
from the deadly disease
teach me the basics
start from
the flowers and bees.
When I have reached my
master's degree
I'm going to free
the almighty lover in me.




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