I Have My Star 13.02.2015


Laitetaanpa pitkästä aikaa jotain tännekin. Soundclickistä löytyy enemmän: http://www.soundclick....

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Like That - Killa J (feat. J.R. Writer); Prod. OSP 06.04.2012


Killa J’s sophomore mixtape titled, “Caviar Dreams”, was released in October 2011. It was hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar. The mixtape featured artists such as “J.R. Writer”, “Tha Joker”, “Ricky Ruckus”, and “Los”.
The tape boasted over 35,000 downloads in its first month.

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I Feel Good - Etha ft. Taz (Prod. OSP) 19.09.2009


Open Sound Productionsin tuottama biitti! Kappale on Ethan uudelta H.A.T.A.S. albumilta. Ethan myspace:

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Dirty Rap

Bleach Em Like A Shirt - Jeyrush (Prod. OSP) 19.09.2009


Open Sound Productionsin tuottama biitti! Jeyrushin myspace:

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