From the Lost Years

OLOG-HAI | 11.09.2004 | Black Metal

Lay the Second: "From The Lost Years"

Hear the cold breeze that whispers
From the lost years
In the dark lightless morning
Distilling grim fears
The ancient wail that sweeps the vastlands
Is a mournsong from forgotten times
The long sadness of distant lost lives
Passed away in bloody wars and sacrifice

Dark cults that now are unremembered
Worshipping the Goat at a bloodstained altar
Their victims dreadful chilling wails
Still heard in the cold wintry winds

In the witchlands of the furthermost north
The mighty Horned One was praised
Sodom and Gomorrah always in their hearts
the unholy priests raised their knives

5.00   426 kuuntelua


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