Inbred Plague Among the Sheep

Obizeth | 22.05.2013 | Black Metal


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The shepherd, protector of man
Protector of hordes, the weak
Keeping the disease inside the borders
Letting bastard sons rise on their thrones

Inbred plague among the sheep

Through centuries the blood decays
Same blood, inbred siblings
Shepherd effing His protegies
Restoring their faith in him with lies

Disease spread through flesh and blood
Through actions and years to pass

Inbred plague among the sheep

Nothing will cleanse
this filth
No one will be saved
from damnation
Created with
repulsing nature
The bastard king
reborn again

Prophecies are told
by corrupted beings
Swallowed by idiotic
gregarious animals
Raping their own
kind in the name
Of their God

Now your kind is utterly sick
You see no chances of survival
Your shepherd set your fields on fire
Erasing you from this world

The shepherd creates new fauna
Making them inbreed again
The disease spread through generations
Inbred plague among the sheep


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