Consecrate And Murder

Obizeth | 02.04.2011 | Black Metal

2010 alkuvuonna äänitetty renkutus.

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By those blessings of humans
I have now nothing to fear
Ending to somewhere different
I'm now consecreated and soon...

Crucify me, now!
Turn down the cross
Where I languish
Make my end clear
That my death is absolute
But no, as a sick animal
I remain

Satan's creation we are
The abomination lives us within
It breeds the hatred
Even in children of purest kind

So we consecrate
So we murder
To purify, to destroy
The fear of God's hatred
Pacify Him by killing
His unknown enemies
His creatures itselves

The key to purify
The road to purity
The unkown vanity
The enemy of Christ

Blessed lepers are without graves
Concerned as enemies
They're weak to exist
Consecrate them and murder

The ways of killing
Killing these poor kinds
They shalt be suffering
And feel the whip of their
Loving, caring God

Make your act, cut the throat
Of enemies of our lord
Behead them now!
Obey your creator!
Cut the throat!

Now He is
Drunk enough
of human blood
Now He is
of Human flesh


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lyijysiipi 14.08.2012
Teillä on tämäntyyppisen musiikin tekeminen hallussa ja hyvä visio siitä mikä on black metallia! Soundit tukevat biisiä hyvin, suttuiset, mutta ei huonot.
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