How Stupid a Woman Can Be?

Miira | 02.01.2018 | Blues

Sovitus ja miksaus: Tackle
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Tacklen blues instrumentaalista inspiraationsa saanut biisi.

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I’m sitting yet in an other motel room again
staring at the walls that used to be white.
My suitcase is next to me, my only friend
no point unpacking for the night.
I chose a married man, how stupid a woman can be?
Now he’s decided to go back to his wife, leaving me.

There’s nothing personal in this motel room
no paintings on the wall no memories.
Outside the window only traffic fumes
no point to open it for a breeze.
Once again I’m left with nothing and no place to go
just a suitcase and a broken heart while he has a happy home.

Once I thought I had it all with a younger lad.
We were talking marriage kids and all.
I gave up my house my job and all I had
and he swore he’d never let me fall.
I chose a younger man, how stupid a woman can be?
He ended up walking out with a girl much prettier than me.

I’m taking out my purse, there’s no money I can see
when a photograph falls on the floor.
I didn’t even know that I still had it with me
so many years ago I walked out that door.
I wonder what you have made of yourself by now
did you find your happiness after all somehow?

Honey you were the only man that would have chosen me
but I was young and stupid, I wanted to be free
now I have more freedom that I need.

How stupid a woman can be?


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