Passion For Destruction

MetalHealth | 02.09.2010 | Thrash Metal

Biisin tunnelmat vaihtelevat aina täyslaidallisesta thrashyökkäyksestä rennompiin hevivaikutteisempiin kohtiin.

Tekijät: T Lehtonen (musiikki), V-M Nurminen (sanoitukset)

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Verse 1:
Nailed to the cross, going for the kill
Squeeze the trigger, and feel the thrill
Kill or be killed, the name of the game
From my list, I cross out your name

The judge and the jury, and the executioner
How do you plead? You think I care!
The flames of jutice, will cleanse your soul
Hangin' by a thread, I'm in control

Your life is in my hands
The hunter and the prey
Once got away with justice
But now it's time to pay

Passion for destruction!
I've got passion for destruction (x2)

Verse 2:
I hold my breath, the end is nigh
The raging blast, echoes through the sky
The .30-06, piercing through your head
I am the hunter, your angel of death

Just another kill, just another life
Just another man, with a price
The justice lies, and justice rapes
The justice serves, and justice takes

Pre-Chorus & Chorus

How does it feel when your life's in my hands
Ain't life a bitch, when you're not in command
The ones left by Lady Justice will be my game
No where to run or hide, the bullet's got your name


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