Raving Hell

Mark Temple | 29.10.2019 | Doom Metal


Can you feel your heart, bouncing round and round.
Like a huge time bomb, ready to explode.
Trying to find your place, that´s never to be found.
Feeling overwhelmed , by this puzzle you can´t solve.

Life is raving hell, just raise your head and yell. (FUCK ALLL!)
There´s no happiness. Just torment and distress. That´s all

So don´t you force a laugh, don´t even smile.
Unless that´s for disgust, then be my guest.
They show their sympathies, but we don´t need their lies.
So will you come with me, we show our request.

We just want, raving hell! Just scream in pain! lookout!

Life in raving hell! Is what we need my friend!
So let us sin in peace. This is our way!

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