Malfunction Theme

Macaque | 06.01.2006 | Space Rock
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You know the way they sang about the hand of god
You know the way they turned eyes above
A few years later they got high and got distracted
Their eyes glow dark and shine out madness

A little girl got her head cracked open in the street
Some old guy got himself hung by nails
Sky is the limit and you know all this distraction

You´re laying down all day long inside
The heat is steaming your brains out greasing
The guy felt clean with all his nonsense
Drown in a bath of malfunction

I can´t feel it


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Retropena 20.03.2010
Toi riffi on hyvä ja myös melodiat. Vähän varmaan särösemmäl saundil ois ollu parempi.
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