Pyromaniac: Flaming Lust

Soolo: M. Rantanen

See the shining skin lustering between her thighs
Sadomasochistic mistress masturbates in front of my eyes
With lustful glare in her blazing eyes she demands me to join the sin
In this house of god only the crusified can see me meddle with her vaginal skin.

Sex with the dead
In the house of god
Sex with the dead (x4)

She´s lying in the pulpit as I walk there
I start filling her holes everywhere
Secretions are floating in this holy ground
Hot skin flapping, I just love the sound!

I start to ejaculate in the baptismal font
We leave this place of worship but we´re stopping out in front
She lifts her hands up high and speaks the words so odd to me
Great lightning strikes to the wooden church, it´s burning down... This is blasphemy!!!

Sex with the dead
While house of dog burns
Sex with the dead (x4)