Anywhere Out Of This World: II.5/ 7 Years of Facing the Wall

Glowing at the foot of a mountain
lies a house filled with gods
and I greet them one by one
and let them feast on the minds of many
for I'm bound to where there is quiet
for I must go where dreams glow no more

Glowing in a house by a river
lies a kindness untold
Glowing, forever loving
but I must go where hopes glow no more

At the mountain it all comes together
Nothing at all was ever new
In the room where I was born
Nothing at all was ever new

7 years, or it might be 20
or a lifetime, till I'm released
Released to feast with gods
and to lay down in the loving glow

So may the gods be loving
and may their bellies be filled with light
And may our dreams all vanish
in the stillness of an ancient pond

And let our gods be plenty
and let their minds all coalesce
And let our children live with quiet
and let their minds be filled with light

And may my weakness be bare
and may I speak but mundane words
And may the mountains all be merry
as I surrender at their feet

And may our house by the river
glow forever in the evening light
And let all of our fear
be washed out to the sea

So may you all be loving
and may you witness certainty
May you all be loving
and may you live inside of me