WRATHAGE: Dark matter

Dark Matter

With me I hold

black space

like mad pride


and intoxicating

A source

in a void

that has to be

rather than not

And enforcing all

rather than nothing

The core seed

around which

I am gathered

From which I have derived

what soul and essentials —

Dark matter

The little I have

rendered obscure

A thickness I have found,

the vacuum

in everything

And sensed a presence

constant and compelling:

Black thriving space.

Timeless foam in a temporal ocean,

what might be in what is.

Dimensions of optional being,

render me less confused,

merging into one.

Absence equals everything,

that God

in unbeing.

Darkness, matter

my heart is built that way

darkness trying to hold the light

and speed

tog-ether against entropy


the name of ether

all woven out of one

I have become

but unaware of the whole

of the self

and but sensing the Darkness,