Slack Haddock: Superstars of Mars

Superstars of Mars
playing their guitars
across the Milky Way
sound travels as light waves

Superstars of Mars
lightshow by dying stars
expanding parking space
separate ones for straight and gays

Redshifted traffic lights may cause delay
Take Einstein's word and arrive yesterday

The show begins at nine
of eastern relative time
eternal notes they play
preserved in the DNA
be there tonight
the Universe is about to die
be there tonight
and you will see with your own eyes...

Rockstars that rock the rock that goes around the star
travelling million miles but they won't get far
Across the empty space you hear their call
The song that marks the end of our dawn
Across the old space you hear their call
The lamentation of the stars that fall

Across the empty space the final call
The song that marks the end of us all