Slack Haddock: Wager Of The Millenium

I'll bet you two-thousand bloody Ameros
That the end is near
And you're gonna live in it
Shotgun in your mouth, have no fear
Will you fight back?
Or die a degenerate?

Microchipped and ready for the New Millenium
George Bush is a crooked piece of shit
And now FEMA's chains trains & planes, gas chambers, flames burn out in your brains
Shotgun in your mouth, how will you take this hit?

And will you bow your head to Yahweh?
And will you come to see this my way?

Shotgun...Illuminati party at the foot of your grave
Turn son...Say goodbye to your bitch, when she gets on the train
Someone Someone
Someone, please show me how to break the locks on this here fucking cage

And will you bow your head to Yahweh?

Hijo de la chingada
Me pelas tres cuartos de la verga pendejo
Hijo de la-la conchita idiota estupido imbecile cabron
Tell me again...whose side are you on?
Whose side are you on?

"Line up this way, friends of God fearing degenerates
The age of Tsirhcitnaeht has come! You are fucked. Pass through the
turnstile; Red List this way, Blue List this way, no talking.
I said, no talking"

What will you do when the black helicopters come for you?
And FEMA begins to make your bed?
Buy your Mexicans, before freedom ends
Those not marked for death are penned to be kept to serve as slaves

When will you bow your head to Yahweh?
When will you bow your head to Yahweh?