Pyromaniac: Pyro-Fucking-Maniac

Come on cunts, young women and girls
Pyro´s in town to rock your worlds
If you haven´t fucked with me, you have never fucked
I set new standards for ordinary cocks
Much more perverted than normal man´s mind
Pyromaniac is one-of-a-kind
(So) Get undressed and face your desire:
Several inches of fucking hellfire!

Horny blondes and kinky brunettes
Normal weight women it´s time for sex
Spread your cunts open wide
Take my flaming seeds inside
If bitches don´t want it, it´s their loss
I get more pussy than Manowar does
Lesbian truckers can fuck off and die
I rape their assholes and leave them to cry

It´s amazing how much sex one can have
When all I tolerate is shaved & tasty rock ´n roll cunts
Get on your knees bitch, and obey my command

They´re used to fake it, but now it´s past
The P-man makes your pleasure last
No matter if it´s wide or tight
I make them bitches moan all night
John Holmes would have wept in shame
Ron Jeremy would turn to gay
For every male it´s time to see:
You´re nothing compared to PYRO-FUCKING-MANIAC!!!!!