Pyromaniac: Undead Marching

Lightning and blood - Combination for medieval rite
Mayhemic torment against christian beliefs
Blood of six goats slowly dripping to moisty ground
Ancient Satanism to resurrect the dead
Six pre-menstrual virgins masturbate among us
Their juices and goatblood form a forgotten beverage
Divine drink of the ones who stand as one
To devastate the lands of mortal scum
Blasphemous reign to destroy the christians
That have pathetically survived
The time of their death has come - Time of their death has come!

The flames are rising from the churches burnt to ground
Bones and ashes remain as marks of our path
The painful screams of christian wifes and daughters
Fill the air as they are raped to death!


Towards the christian lands
With their rotten hands (x2)

The storm is now raging, shaking the woods
Buildings collapsing - The march has begun!
Army stronger than hate, army stronger than death
Triumph of blood, triumph eternal!

(Toista Kerto)

Soolo: M. Rantanen

(Toista Kerto)