WRATHAGE: Freezing fire

Freezing fire
(Lyrics: D.V Grim & Koba 2000)

I gaze deeply to black moon and burn my eyes
My Soul bleeds as I touch the immortality.
Trust hate, the seed of power.
The power of light, so lame it has died

Enthrone your vision to night

Path to the unknown lies beyond your death
Let the fire burn your soul
Cut your flesh deep, let the blood flow

Blood for blood, life for life, a frozen heart’s desire.
Sacrificing my whole life just to see where the coldness breed

Suffering in rapture, burning in glory
I rape my soul and bleed your lord.
Ecstatically ending life feels so sinful
Torture never ending lead my way

A life ends in the blaze of the moon
A life ends frozen to the bone
A life ends in the blaze of my triumph
I sure did live and die just for the master, master!

You die in everlasting night
You die in freezing