Empyrean Bane: Harlot Mentality

Harlot mentality

the dialogue between violation and penitence
in your world seems to reach no end
knowledge is a burden, enlightenment is a sin
with rules like these how could a man win?

you claim to have seen quite many things
but never in yourself the stain of sins

the flocks of believers
tread with a leaden conscious
either pitchblack or snow-white
no middle ground in their linear lives

Fiction on a cross so deeply reverenced
At all costs alikeness is sought
Weaker each passing day and ready to fall
House of god, a house of cards

A soul necrosis, the paralysis of mind
Self-imprisoned within restrictions
What more is your paradise
Than an empty promise
For which you sacrifice your life?

We walk all over you now
Trembling and lost you are among us
Our thumbs point down on your existence
The grand gesture to show you your destiny