WRATHAGE: Before the monumental beast

Before the monumental beast
(Lyrics: Koba-00)

Deprived and hated scraps
A slumber of intoxicated saints
that were delivered into vacuums arms
With great pleasure
Evil came to show the way to the cliff
Cruel and unpleasant story of life bound to treasured agony
Virtues born from a pipeful of dreams

A goat smiled back to me
Was death to you a relief?

Sons of darkness had no christ
A mass at the final sunset
We wawed farewell to a white way of deceit
Serpents desire and lustful eyes
I danced with the goat
Dreamer is no longer passive
Dreamer is no longer dead
I knew it all
Before the monumental beast

Cold pain was just memory (at the gates)
Do they know their death by name?

Destruction passed by my eyes
Their kingdoms were forgotten
Those who fall beneath us are denied
Hail to the black and obvious
Light can’t fuck you dead
A shelter for the wrath
I walked the fields to step on every flower.
I did things of ignorance though I knew

Pencils grow in hands that don’t fumble
A masquerade in empty statements
Almighty emptiness
See your triumph as a fall

My eyes do gleam
Drawn to hatred
Agony supreme

Call the defiance, call the lust

Make me joyous
As night falls
Glory and hope
Under the horns
Gleaming black wings
Escape the real
You know how

As night falls
I can dream again
There’s no dawn
Let me in
Darkness is as real
Call it home
As night falls