WRATHAGE: Hellworlds

(Lyrics: Koba 2003)

Through a plateau myriad
The structures reach
Like a transdimensional plague
Something we never did confront
But stand affected

A grand sewer that swallowed
Our race aeons ago

We reflect it’s grandeur
While fading
Into that darkness
We reflect it’s grandeur
While fading
Into the downward spiral

The deep end of the structure
The fourth quarter of impatience
As our worlds are infected
Like we weren’t parasites ourselves

Through a myriad worlds of hell
The conclusion is sent
As an act of mercy
Or in disgust

We are impatient to receive

“Hellworlds, a bowl of black i bathe and baptise
Is it enough to enter the hellworlds, to extinction
Heroism is cowardice, your virtues your demise
Rotting and a half, Battle army of flamemolded giants
Endless harm, revelation of an apocalypse
Above i see the old man, and above i see the horns
Hell is here, and you’d rather be somewhere else
The downward spiral, rather tempting”