Too Old To Be Shy

Leading Motive | 04.08.2005 | Pop

Being shy is okay. It means you're a nice person. Being too shy ain't good. This song is about being too shy but not losing one's positive view on life. (10 September 2002) For a long time, "Too Old To Be Shy" was the most popular of my songs. It peaked at #449 in the Pop/Rock charts in week 05/2006 (thanks everybody!) and has been on the way back down ever since.

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© Alessio Sapora 2000/2002
Cover picture by darkwater,

Are you looking for a blues of a man getting by
It's still a little early but I'll try to comply
If you'd ask me for my story I'd make no sound
A wrong beginning with no end, or the other way 'round

She comes around the corner when I least expect
My feet nailed to the ground I can't react
This ain't the stuff dreams are made of
It's haunting me at night it's so hard

But I'm still breathing
Though I can't believe it
I am still alive
(Still breathing)
One would think by now
I'm too old to be shy

I made my choice and took the plunge for good or bad
It could've been the best time that I ever had
I stepped right up to her but no words came out
It's killing me but I can't do without


One of these days will see me coming out
Another time, another chance, no doubt
But just right now that's more than I can take
I'm sure she's waiting for the next move I'll make



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Kallemania 05.01.2009
Tulee jotenki Phil Collins mieleen. Sanotuksesta plussaa, olen itsekin usein sangen ujo mies ja siittähän kärsiä saa.
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Elävä Legenda 27.11.2005
hienoa tulkintaa ja artikulointi on hyvää. englanti hallussa, hieno biisi kokonaisuudessa!

-Elävä Legenda <--kuunt/kom
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vahtoma 22.10.2005
Todella hyvä biisi ja toteutus.
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