Under the Sign of Total Death

KYRPÄ | 18.08.2005 | Black Metal


I know you hate me, for I hate you too
You sad, sad creatures of nonexistent god
I know you think I am in league with the devil
But I say to you: fuck you for I am the devil

When I fell from the other times in other shores
I created a world without end
When I became lord of hell I laughed in eternity
I created a world without end

Fisting the anus of the believers
Forever fisting the ass of god
Fisting the rotting corpse of jesus
Forever in this everlasting hell

Over the years you mock me for being true
And I laugh at you from the heights
I cannot begin to tell you of the loathing
I feel for all you weak human beings

For I am lucifer and I bring the light
I never wanted to hurt you
Just destroy all you ever believed in
And laugh in insanity eternally

Oh the halcyon days of darkness
Remorseless days of murder and mayhem
Oh the eternal days of hell
Once again they shall return

7.00   558 kuuntelua

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