To Ride the Wings of Black Death

KYRPÄ | 16.07.2004 | Black Metal

Hellfrozen demo 2001

Gliding through the black clouds of heaven
Towards the realm that seems so far away
Wisps of mist that hold me up in the sky

They make me wonder whether I am about die
The terror that grasps me is the terror of Death
It is a plague that infests this land

For to ride the Wings of Black Death
Is the initiation to a greater philosophy
The philosophy of the final chapter

Survivors stand strong at the pearly gates
Ready to strike down the golden door
And the white hall of despicable lies
Creators at our own right, we can take it no more

To ride the Wings of Black Death
To ride the Wings of Black Death

We will build as I we have hewn asunder
A glorious realm in the name of Satan
And therefore in the names of ourselves

Upon the Earth beneath the Sun and Moon
There is no other path to tread
But the path of the left hand

A journey through the heavens
In the realm of darkness and chaos
Upon the Wings of Black Death

I choose the road that leads
Into the eternal darkness
I choose the road that leads
Towards my dark master

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