Strong in Blasphemy

KYRPÄ | 29.12.2006 | Satanic Black Metal

I am strong in blasphemy
I see the world old and dead
I was born under the sign of hell
I will never surrender my thoughts

I came up from hell to wreak havoc
Upon the lambs, weak of will
I am strong in blasphemy
I am strong in desecration

The winds of change are not my winds
Only the the cold funeral wind of death
The blackness engulfs my very being
Heart as cold as ice, as black as death

Call me what you will, I am triumphant

I see the world old and dead
Strong in blasphemy, strong from hell
I came from darkness, for ultimate chaos
As a wolf among the sheep I am come

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C.D.Behemoth 07.01.2007
Ihan toimivaa tavaraa...nimi vaan vähä hämää :D
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