KYRPÄ | 06.02.2007 | Black Metal

Drowned in sorrow, leave the world behind
The scars that never heal forever burning
Drowned in alcohol, leave the life behind
The scars of old, with moonshine fading

Come and behold the world without end
The pain that lasts in darkness and light
Brightness giving pain to vision
The darkness soothing the bloodshot sight

In my mind I was buried long ago
In my heart I never existed
In my mind I died centuries ago
In my gut pain is rendered

Come now, behold a night sky without stars
Grey clouds without rain, oppression
Come now, behold the daughters of the sky
Scarred, maimed, and thus unable to fly

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raakalainen 22.03.2007
Ihahyvää. Olikin Greifi K. tuttu nimi äkkikuolemast aammoin.
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-TJ- 11.02.2007
\,,/ jo 9 vuotta julkaistua vitutusta \,,/
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