KYRPÄ | 17.02.2006 | Black Metal

Riding faster than the chariot of the sun
From nightfall until the dawn takes us all
Where ever my chariot of chrome may take me
I am there to drink the beer and raise hell

Hitting the lights and cursing the christs
Smoking all the way down to my black Acheron
Black shining leather and spikes of iron
Shall protect me from the last suicidal fall

I am invincible, satanalcholochist
I am death incarnate, satanalcholochist
You might say I am insane
But you are not the only one

Aah the pain is rising, and it gets louder
Crushing, cursing, vomiting upon the bible
Aah the searing pain is ever growing
My eyes and my ears are forever bleeding

8.00   468 kuuntelua


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