Roots of Evility

KYRPÄ | 13.01.2008 | Black Metal

From Roots of Evility (2002)

She is a whore
Hate her like pox
She is a whorefuck
I hate I hate
Darkness and evil
Terror and death
Doomsday celebrations
a thousand damnations
Why wont she die
Alcohol burns my brains
Beer at my side I curse
Her into eternity of flame
Into the eternity of flame
Go, go into the flame
Burn the witch and laugh
For the laughter is the pain
Which giveth the eternal gain
I've been burned in my life
Too many times to count
Thus I will give back all I can
To make life a living misery
For all that still breath

They are few and far between
I must destroy them
It is because of her I scream
It is because I hate everything
And everyone and all the time
My veins burn with alcohol
Until my death I scream

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Cykranosh 26.01.2010
Dedicated to the woman I loved; composed and recorded while she was whoring away. I'm not angry at her. I was very disappointed at life.
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