Powers of Hell

KYRPÄ | 05.06.2007 | Black Metal

I am the black star that swallows all life
All darkness incarnated into a human form
I am the deep scar that shall never heal
A thorn in your side, a thorn in your mind

Powers of Hell, in inhuman shell
The deepest well of thoughts and of ire
Powers of Hell, in inhuman shell
A leprosy that shall cast all into fire

Immortal and unquiet within the heart
A hunger never satisfied, a wound never healed
A lust for the secrets of the secrets
To enter the death's door to eternal oblivion

(repeat chorus)

The strength of the unbelievers is rising
Burning the bridge to the gates of redemption
Follow the powers of Hell, reject illusions
Lies no longer, no longer tormenting light

(repeat chorus)

8.50   579 kuuntelua


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