Necro Pervertor

KYRPÄ | 07.11.2005 | Thrash Metal


Treshing the harvest of the grim reaper
Crushing the skulls of those who are weaker
Treading on the corpses of the dead
Smashing your last hope, the ugly godhead

Necro pervertor, sowing the seeds of death
Rotten desecrator, treshing the harvested minds
Seperating the mind from the body
By hacking away with a blunt axe

See the cunt bleeding and taste the blood
See the dick growing as the whore spreads it all
Suffer to come upon the corpse of humanity
And awaken the slumbering bloodlust call

Necro pervertor, cold semen of uncreation
Rotten desecrator, treshing the revealed brains
Of god and of man, of all the little birds
That sing in praise of the Necro Pervertor

Cremating your body while you're still live...

9.00   613 kuuntelua


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