Lucifer the Destructor

KYRPÄ | 17.07.2005 | Black Metal

My Liege, unto thee I need not pray to destroy
For ever thou shalt murder the innocents
And cast the world in a chaos eternal
Thou art named Jehovah and Satan and Lucifer
Thou art named Religion and thee I love
Thou art the destructor of all that is good
And behold, I saw that it was good to behold
To destroy all in thy name is my purpose
Even though thou art an imaginary being

People might say I am insane, but I am not the only one
People might say I am drunk, but I am not the only one
People might say I am a horny goat from the darkest Hell
But ye shalt know I am not the only one!

Lucifer the Destructor, goat of a thousand horns
Lucifer the Necrorapist, lord of the flies
Lucifer the Destructor, pervertor of human lives
Lucifer the Destructor, the eternal god of all

Kill in the name of all gods ye may know!

7.50   701 kuuntelua


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