Kingdom of Hell

KYRPÄ | 01.03.2006 | Black Metal

The spirit of disease lingers over this world
The crownless king ever laughs out of nowhere
Rotting and decaying under a dying sun
All the living things shall fall

Searing pain and the burning of the souls
With the jewels in the darkness below
Philosophers seeking in vain for reasons
Yet finally the smoke smothers them all

Bickering amongst themselves, humans die
The crownless king ever laughs out of nowhere
Bloodbaths and terror by fools following fools
And the circle closes ever again

All the plagues and floods that ravish the world
Killing millions, and millions by human hands
All the godless things in this godless world
Are but a shadow of what lies within man

A dominion raised by man, in the name of god
The crownless king ever laughs out of nowhere
The kingdom of hell, the kingdom of man
For millenia in existence, until it is no more

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Kfied 22.07.2006
"The only reason why men talk to you is that they want to get laid, you stupid fucking cunts", kuten AC:n Seth Putnam on aikoinaan kirjaillut.

Se ei kuitenkaan liity biisiin mitenkään mutta jos soittatte tätä oikeassa paikassa ja oikealle yleisölle, niin you gonna get laid by stupid fucking cunts!
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