Jesus At Heaven

KYRPÄ | 27.08.2005 | Black Metal

As I tread upon the earth I see two kinds
Lambs to slaughter and leaders of no sight
Underneath it all lies a another lie
From the depths of time, the jewish kind

Worst of all was what people call jesus
Who conquered the world with jewish lies
Worst of all was what people call jesus
Fucking jesus at heaven dot com

As I behold where the world is going now
Lambs to slaughter and leaders of no sight
Rotten liars in wait, to destroy the world
Scheming to destroy all there is
The line must be drawn here
And it must be drawn quickly
Before the judeo-christian scum
Can conquer also your mind

Hate! It's the way to go
6 million is nothing compared
To the slaughter to come
When we stand proud against the scum
That will take away from us
Our proud ancient world

Let the proud stand against the weak
Destroy jesus at heaven
Crush down their fucking lies
I can't stand it any longer

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