In the Gate of Death

KYRPÄ | 07.01.2007 | Black Metal

Behold, your eyes are closing
Hear what your ears no longer hear
Smell the wind of death blowing
Taste the bitter end coming here

Behold in the Gate of Death
Your distorted face, now dying
Beauty is lost, no more life
Pain is gone, but the eternity opens

Nothing is here anymore, no thought
No screaming pain, no joy to fight for
Existence is extinguished, nothing beyond
Your life is gone, and there is no you

All the ravens, all the grey clouds
Just another way of saying goodbye
Embracing the cruel black unholy truth
To cross towards the Gate of Death

Skullpiles in the mist shall be my bed
Worship life in the Gate of Death
So soon gone the realm of cognition
Worship life in the Gate of Death

7.00   428 kuuntelua


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