Holy Pigs

KYRPÄ | 08.01.2006 | Black Metal

All the bible pigs that believe
Are the scourge of the world
We must fight against their lord
With our ugly words as our swords

Basis in a faith in the unreal
They lie to themselves and to others
That cannot discern through
Their weakness and their deception

Holy pigs, despicable pigs
Rotten minds unwilling to see
Holy pigs, despicable pigs
Gullibility based on ignorance

Reality is ugly, and unforgiving
They hide behind lies and kill
Their way is the right they say
Convieniently forgetting the slaughter

We shall slaughter their beliefs
We shall throw down the temples
Imaginary beings cannot dictate
Our lives for we have the power

8.00   515 kuuntelua


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