Gift of Death

KYRPÄ | 23.11.2005 | Black Metal

"Let there be death"

A human gift, a gift of all life, to die
Gift of death, if I can give it to you
If only I can, I will, and I can
There is beauty in nonexistence, in nonbeing

If the future holds something for me
It will hold the power to give death
To all those who deserve to die
To forever die an eternal death

For in aeons to come even death may die
And the world will be filled with ecstacy
Of reverly of shouting and of killing
The stars are right and truly we are come

I am the key and the gate, worship me

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leif&lars 02.12.2005
Alcohol And Satan!!! Speed and Islam!!! Coke and let the cock take control....respect the cock.
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Cykranosh 23.11.2005
Kaikille jotka kuolevat.
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