Fullmoon Over Carpathia

KYRPÄ | 02.02.2007 | Black Metal

So cold, but also so beautiful a mountainscape
Harsh and rugged mountains draped in darkness
Great vast forests in the heart of bleakness
So cold, so dark, so cold, draped in darkness

Fullmoon over Carpathia
The evocative shadows dance
Fullmoon over Carpathia
When the dead travel fast

Here the pagan past echoes in the customs
Buried for so long ago by time and by dust
Atrocities were committed by the cruel
Rulers in the deep shadowclad Carpathia

The past still lives in the legends of old
Blood was spilled and it is still there
In the soil of the accursed lands of shadow
Its spirit forever haunting under a fullmoon

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Cykranosh 02.02.2007
The past is is alive...
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