Frozen For Ages

KYRPÄ | 03.11.2006 | Black Metal

In the wind an inhuman voice is howling
Beyond the vast freezing wastes
Beyond the frostclad deathwood
Where all crops fail to take seed
Crawling from beneath the opaque ice
From beneath the black marsh and snow
A frozen hand, frozen face, eyes gouged out
A frozen hand, frozen face, frozen for ages
Speak, o dead one, what tale is there to tell?
There's nothing to speak, no doom to reveal
Speak, you deathspawn, tell me, or go to hell
There's nothing to reap, nothing to reveal
Foul and frozen dead for centuries
Unnamed death of the unnamed dead
No hell as destiny, no heaven to enter
Drowned in the marsh, dead for ever

8.00   615 plays


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-TJ- 25.11.2006
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