Death Calls Again

KYRPÄ | 04.09.2006 | Black Metal

When you least expect it
When your eyes are closed
You're not ever aware
When death calls again

Sanctity of your sanity
Is questioned constantly
Repulsive thoughts stemming
From some unknown plane

All you can speak of is the pain
And the reality of suffering
You've never really lived
Till death calls again

You live under a funeral moon
With the blunt axe in your hand
You hack away at the brains
In the barbecue of human flesh

People of the asshole land
It's only just begun

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Cykranosh 30.07.2010
People of Gondwanaland, it's only just begun... damn i'm predictable in KYRPÄ. Come on! Fuck you all! People of asshole land, it's only just begun!
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