Dead Sober

KYRPÄ | 08.06.2005 | Black Metal

I am beholden by the mortals
Seeked by the purified souls
Powerful, ancient and wicked
The lord of circumcision

I am the dreamer at the gates
The tormentor of pious minds
My name is analogous to blasphemy
Count Peniscutter the magnificient

I am the pure and total evil
The great black reaper of death
I burn down their temples
Necrodestructor of all that is holy

I am the floater and the sinker
Deconstructor of all belief
Material communist nazi fucker
Greifi vitun Kyrvänkatkoja

I crush the christians
I crush the jews and moslems
I crush the hindus
I crush the buddha
I crush the philosophers
I crush all religion

I am dead sober
I am dead sober
I am dead sober
I am dead sober
I am dead sober
Yeah right!

This is my journey to immortality...

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Cykranosh 31.03.2011
I crush the christians, I crush the jews and moslems, I crush the hindus, I crush the buddha, I crush the philosophers, I crush all religion. I am Greifi Vitun Kyrvänkatkoja!
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Cykranosh 31.12.2008
I'm still dead sober. For fuck sake, this is my journey to immortality!
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