Damnation of the Soul

KYRPÄ | 16.07.2004 | Black Metal

Hellfrozen demo 2001
I wake up in the dark
Seeing nothing, hearing nothing
What is this place
Why can't I feel anything

Yet now, as I stretch the senses
I feel it's getting warmer
I can hear a funeral mass
And smell something burning

Damnation of the soul
The crematory awaits
Damnation of the soul
Incinerated alive

Something closes behind me
I scream but no-one hears me
The heat is intensifying
I almost hear people crying

Is there a god in heaven
Any mercy for the damned
To allow such a horror
As my heart pounds louder

Damnation of the soul
Purgatory realized
Damnation of the soul
Hell materialized

I can't breathe for the smoke
Oh no, why me, no!
The flames are eating at my flesh
Oh no, oh no, no!

8.00   654 kuuntelua


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