Crown of the Perverse Human

KYRPÄ | 29.11.2005 | Black Metal

Disgusting, enthroned upon a bench of throes
Skulls at the feet, whips lashing at the back
Disgusting, degenerated loathsome scum
The prize, crown of the perverse human

Even the dogs loathe the tainted flesh,
Pigs wouldn't eat it even if they were starving
Mangled and mutilated, but that's what you love
So mangle, mutilate and whore for the whores

Here, I crown you king, with the crown of thorns
Crown of the Perverse Human
Here, receive the sceptre of your disease
Sceptre of the Despicable One

9.67   691 kuuntelua


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Cykranosh 18.01.2006
Toisin sanoen TRUE BLACK METAL!
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Hank Helvetic 02.12.2005
You reign (almost) supreme. Satanic metal overpower our souls....
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