Choice of Hell

KYRPÄ | 11.01.2012 | Black Metal

This life is like the gloom of tomb
So pretty as my end is coming
Drunk by the choice of Hell
I see all the religious summing
How much they gain by my pain

Unwillingly born from the bloody womb
They never asked us what is really good
Never wanted to know what's truly real
Unlike us, unlike the silent majority
Who knows common sense and reality

They can't see the elephant in the room
Magic mysteries of high upper fairy tales
Don't matter shit to us in the gutter
Scalded by the true freezing cold
This fucking world don't work your way

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Varhainen Valo 03.03.2012
Aivan Kurko !
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Cykranosh 12.01.2012
I wanted to make something philophical and/or dreamlike lyrics, but the beer got better of me. Fuck you all! :D
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